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Heggie's Forms for spring will be given out at the February 20th Spring Sports meeting. Or {Order Form: Click Here}
Order Turn In on March 6th at the Savage Dome 7:00pm
(Captain's Practice)

Spring 2017

Heggie's Pizza Fundraiser

Forms will be handed out at the February 20th Spring Sports meeting

Order forms due back March 6th
at the Savage Dome 7:00pm (Captain'sPractice)

Pizza Deliver TBD

Changes from Last Year

Families can complete the fundraising requirement by:
selling Heggies Pizzas in the Fall, Spring or a combination of both Fall and Spring. 

Pizza Requirement
The requirement will be 30 pizzas per player (Total)


Parents will have the option to Buy-out of the fundraising requirement if they choose: 

Option 1 - If a player sells between 15 and 29 pizzas
they will owe a buy-out of $60, in addition to the club booster dues.

Option 2 – If a player sells less than 14 pizzas or less
they will owe the full buy-out of $120 in addition to the club booster dues. 

Parents will have the option to sell more than the required amount
and earn credits towards their player’s Booster Dues.


30-34 Pizzas =  No Buy-out/ No Credit           35-39 Pizzas =$15 Credit towards Dues
​40-44 Pizzas = $30 Credit towards Dues       45-49 Pizza = $45 Credit towards Dues
50-54 Pizzas = $60 Credit towards Dues        55+ Pizzas = $75 Credit Towards  Dues


{Order Form: Click Here}


Begin selling tonight